Vintage Braided Belden 1508A Brilliance. 2 Core and Drain Wire. 24awg (4.3mm O/D)

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A flexible little cable with a low overall diameter, clad in a retro 'Vintage Yellow' polyester braid. This cable works well in the manufacture of cables with miniature connectors including 3.5mm mini jacks and TT bantam Jacks.


# Pairs - 1

AWG - 24

Stranding – 7x32

Conductor Material - TC - Tinned Copper

Dia. (in.) – .024

Total Number of Conductors - 2



Insulation Material - PO - Polyolefin


Outer Shield

Material - Beldfoil® Tape Aluminum Foil-Polyester Tape

Coverage (%) - 100

Outer Shield Drain Wire AWG: 24

Stranding - 7x32


Outer Shield Drain Wire

AWG - 24

Stranding - 7x32

Drain Wire Conductor Material - TC - Tinned Copper


Outer Jacket Material - PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

Overall Nominal Diameter - 4.3mm

Over braid - Vintage Yellow Polyester


Electrical Characteristics (Overall)

Nom. Characteristic Impedance: (Ohm) 50

Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor: Capacitance (pF/ft) 31

Nom. Capacitance Cond. to Other Conductor & Shield: Capacitance (pF/ft) 58

Nom. Conductor DC Resistance: (Ohm/1000 ft) 23.3

Max. Operating Voltage - UL: Voltage 300 V RMS

Max. Recommended Current: Current 1.05 Amps per conductor @ 25°C

More Information
Cable Type Mic / Stereo / Balanced
Brand.... Belden
Cable Conductor AWG - 24. Stranding – 7x32. Material - TC - Tinned Copper Cable Resistance
Cable Resistance Nom. Characteristic Impedance: (Ohm) 50
Cable Capacitance Nom. Capacitance Cond. to Other Conductor & Shield: Capacitance (pF/ft) 58
Cable Screening Beldfoil® Tape, Aluminum Foil-Polyester Tape, coverage 100% + Drain Wire; AWG: 24 Stranding - 7x32
Overall Diameter 4.5mm
Cable Jacket PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride Overall Diameter (fabric covered)
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