19" Racking - Panels & Enclosures

Heavy duty 19" rack solutions. All of our components are cleverly conceived so that they all work together, Meccano for big kids! We believe we have a solution for every situation and if we don’t please let us know, we would be happy to advise or expand our range : ) We work closely with a steel fabricator and can easily create custom metal work at very competitive prices.

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  1. Neutrik Coloured Lettering plate for D-Series connectors
    As low as £1.44 As low as £0.00

    Plastic coloured label holder, designed by Neutrik to fit under any Neutrik 'D-type' chassis mount, perfect for identification on large boxes and panels etc...

    Available in 9 different colours.

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  2. Custom Shop 19 Inch 1u Rack Blanking Panel With Custom Lettering & Branding

    Upgrade and personalise your live/studio rack with one of our 19" panels, completely customisable with lettering of your choice. Perfect for adding company names and logos to your outboard gear. Lettering is printed on to vinyl and is available in a wide range of colours and fonts,

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  3. 6m Black Rack Washer. Plastic. For M6 racks and Cage Nuts

    A black plastic universal washer designed for use with M6 screws and cage nuts on audio rack mounts and various other applications.

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