Mogami 8 Pair Multicore 3162. Black 110Ω AES/EBU DIGITAL AUDIO Snake Cables

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Like the world standard MOGAMI multicore microphone Snake cable, very flexible and compact design makes these multicore 110Ω AES/EBU DIGITAL AUDIO cables easy for wiring, installation, and handling.

Because of employed cellular PP (polypropylene) insulation material, regardless of its compact overall diameter, larger conductor size is used, which naturally results in lower attenuation.

Besides, there are the following outstanding features similar to the standard analogue multipair cables:


  • Easy cable core identification system, such as numbered cable core
  • Easy wiring assisted by the same conductor size drain wire
  • Flexible and good low temperature characteristic


Part No. W3162

Nos. of Cores. - 8-CR

O.D. (Approx. mm) - 13.8 (0.543")

Jacket Thickness (Approx. mm) - 1.4 (0.055")

Weight (Kg/100m)(Kg/328Ft) – 23



Configuration     110W AES/EBU digital audio cables w3160d

Conductor           7/0.20A (0.22mm²) #24AWG (7×#32AWG)

Insulation            1.35ØCPP (Cellular polypropylene) (0.053")

Drain Wire          7/0.20A (Exactly same as conductor)

Shield           Approx. 79/0.10A Served (Spiral) Shield

Jacket (covering)     3.2Ø Flexible PVC (0.126"Ø)

Identification     Similar to analog snake cable



DC Resistance at 20°C     Inner Pair Cond.                0.081Ω/m(0.0247Ω/Ft)

Shield    0.024Ω/m(0.0073Ω/Ft)

Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C

(effective capacitance value between inner twin)               46pF/m(14pF/Ft)

Inductance          0.8µH/m (0.24µH/Ft)

Characteristic Impedance             110Ω±10%

Attenuation (6MHz)        0.065dB/m (0.020db/Ft)

Phase Constant (6MHz) 0.17rad/m

Electrostatic Noise*        5.0mV Max.

Electromagnetic Noise at 10kHz*              2.0mV Max.

Microphonics* 60mV

Voltage Breakdown         Must withstand at DC 500V/15sec

Insulation Resistance at DC 125V, 20°C   10000 MΩ × m Min.

Tensile Strength of one Core       303N

Emigration          Non-Emigrant to ABS resin

Applicable Temperature               -20°C‾ +70°C(-4°F‾ +158°F)

Standard              AES3-100X(ANSI S.4.40-199X)

More Information
Cable Type Multicore
Brand.... designacable
Core Count.... 8 Way
Cable Conductor 7/0.20A (0.22mm²) #24AWG (7×#32AWG)
Cable Resistance DC Resistance at 20°C - 0.081Ω/m(0.0247Ω/Ft)
Cable Capacitance effective capacitance value between inner twin - 46pF/m(14pF/Ft)
Cable Screening Approx. 79/0.10A Served (Spiral) Shield
Overall Diameter 13.8mm (0.543")
Cable Jacket Flexible PVC
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