Sommer SC-Spirit Guitar, Bass, Instrument Cable. Premium SUPER LOW NOISE

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This one of the quietest unbalanced signal cables that we stock. Priced per meter. Example; order a quantity of 10 to receive 1x10m length of cable.

Sommer SC-Spirit Instrument Cable

Unbalanced/Mono, Instrument Cable, Black

1 Core and Screen, Copper Wire Core, Copper Wire Screen


This is remarkable cable from Sommer for use with guitars and any unbalanced/ mono devices. The 19 strands of pure copper within its core give this cable a rich tone with a full bodied mid range. It has a large overall diameter of 7mm and within its PVC outer jacket is a copper braid shield and a high spec dielectric, making this one of the quietest unbalanced signal cables that we stock. This cables quality really does stand out.


Tech Specs


Construction - LI2Y(LS)CY1x0,50mm2

Jacket, diameter - PVC 7.0 mm


Inner conductors - 1 x 0.50 mm2

Copper strand per conductor - 19 x 0.18 mm

Conductor insulation - Foam/skin-PE 3.1 mm

Shielding - copper braiding tin-plated + semiconductor

Shielding factor - 100 %

Temperature range min - 30 °C

Temperature range max - 70 °C

Fire load per m – 0.26 kWh

Weight per 1 m - 66 g

Capac Cond shield per 1 m - 78 pF

Conductor resistance per 1 km - 39

Ohm Insulation resistance per 1 km - > 1 GOhm

More Information
Cable Type Instrument
Brand.... Sommer
Core Count.... 2 Way
Cable Conductor Inner conductors - 1 x 0.50 mm2 (AWG 20). Stranding 19 x 0.18 mm
Cable Resistance Conductor per 1 km - 39
Cable Capacitance Cond shield per 1 m - 78 pF
Cable Screening Copper braiding tin-plated + semiconductor. Shielding factor - 100 %
Overall Diameter 7.0 mm
Cable Jacket Flexible PVC
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