- 19 Inch Rack Mount Patch Panels

Patch panels for the studio. 4.4mm TT & GPO panels wired by Neutrik UK and 96 way Mosses and Mitchell panels wired by us. Half Normalled and Fully Normalized options both available.

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  1. Mosses & Mitchell 96 Way TT Bantam Jackfield. Hand Wired

    The 'Rolls Royce' of studio patch bays. Wired by us. 48 way 2 row TT panel wired to 12 dsubs on the rear. Normalling available using the options below. These are made to order so are not available on NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Lead times can vary but please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

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  2. Mosses and Mitchell Flexipatch Patchbay - JAF00303BK. 96 Way Bantam TT Jack Panel

    The 'Rolls Royce' of studio patch bays. 96 way 2 row TT panel wired to 12 dsubs on the rear, prewired with internal dip switches so that normalling on each channel can be selected by the user

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  3. Neutrik 'Flexi-Norm' NPPA-TT-SD25 (4.4mm TT Bantam) Jack Patch Panel. 1u 19inch. 96 way

    All NPPA patch panels are fitted with high quality, long life NJ3TTA gold plated double contact jacks (2x48), featuring best contact integrity. The unit, robustly housed in a black coated steel shell, is finished off with a built in cable bar and two large channel identification strips for perfect management of the system. The NPPA patch panels are an innovative and compact patching system (just 1U high) for 19" rack mounting.

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