Naim Audio & Power Cables

Premium audiophile cables to suit most Naim devices including; Naim Nap 100, Naim SuperNait 2, Naim Nait 5si, Naim Nac etc...

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  1. Naim Premium AUX input cable. 3.5mm Mini Jack to 5 Pin Din Audio Lead. Van Damme
    As low as £21.00
    100 % of 100

    A quality lead made from quality components. Available in 10 different cables choices and a variety of lengths. This lead is wired for ‘playback’, so compatible playing an iPod or similar device into an amplifier that uses Audio Din for the input. Designed for use with Naim Hifi Amplifiers.The 5 Pin Din is wired 3 + 5 for playback.

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  2. Naim Premium Aux Input Cable. 5 Pin Din to Dual Phono RCA Cinche. Mogami Coax
    As low as £39.74

    This cable is used for connecting external devices such as CD players, radios, Tv's and turntables to a Naim 5 pin-din 'aux input'

    Designed specifically for use with Naim hi-fi audiophile equipment, these cables are manufactured using Mogami 2965 subminiature coaxial high definition audio & visual cable. The impressively low capacitance of this cable ensures a low loss signal path and optimum clarity, even in the longer lengths!

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  3. Naim Premium SNAIC Cable. Pre amp to power amp. Locking 4 pin to 4 pin Din
    As low as £39.12

    Designed for a high quality connection between Naim devices, these cables have been designed to maximise the potential of any Naim hifi system.

    Van Damme's Starquad cable has been chosen for its impressively high shielding factor, meaning as little interference as possible is being picked up in the signal path. Paired with Switchcraft's extremely precise and durable 4-Pin locking DIN connector, this cable is guaranteed to improve your home audio set-up, at a fraction of the cost of others!

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