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designacable source Lemo connectors directly from Lemo-UK. You will find their precision push-pull connectors in a wide array of professional audio, data and video devices, they are used when size and reliability are paramount. They can be incredibly tricky to terminate and require skill, patience, and a very small soldering tip! Some of the Lemo connectors we stock have 16 pins within a 7mm housing....


What they say


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All LEMO sales subsidiaries and production plants are integrated in a unique global quality management system. This continuously improving system guarantees a level of service and quality that meets the highest customer requirements.

LEMO products are designed and manufactured according to rigorous and controlled processes. Inspection and traceability of products are systematically ensured in compliance with our standards.

Permanent training programs ensure that every LEMO employee acquires the necessary know-how to perform a good job and to assimilate new working methods.

Production equipment including automatic control devices and error proofing systems enable zero defect.