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  1. Multichannel VDM Splitter Box & Detatchable Tails, 32-Channel Duplicator, Neutrik Van Damme 3u Rack Unit.

    Made using the highest quality components we offer a wide range of custom boxes/rack panels/plates etc...

    Pictured is a custom 32-Channel Duplicator box, made for a live set up in which 32 channels needed to be duplicated to 2x seperate detatchable multicore tails using Milspec VDM connectors (150 Pin)

    We recognise that everyones needs are different, so please feel free to drop us an email or give us a phone call to discuss your specific specifications, we can then give you a quote and estimated lead time based on your requirements.

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  2. EuroRack Mini Jack Modular Synth Patch Lead Techflex Mono REAN 3.5mm. Korg, Elektron.
    As low as £14.00
    100 % of 100

    Designed to last, these designacable Custom Shop braided synth patch cables use only the toughest components to ensure a long-lasting lead, even in the harshest of conditions. We're so confident in these cables that we're offering a lifetime warranty on the entire range!

    Handmade in Nottingham, UK, using components from industry standard brands Van Damme & REAN and reinforced with a heavy duty coloured Plyosil braiding, not only do these cables look great they also make for extremely tough little patch leads, guaranteed to last.

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  3. Premium Braided AKG Headphone Replacement Cable, Techflex Coloured Braiding Switchcraft Neutrik
    As low as £25.99
    87 % of 100

    A premium upgrade for a wide range of AKG and Pioneer headphones, including; AKG K141, K171, K181, K240, K271, K702, Q701, HDJ 2000 etc...

    Designed to last, these high quality cables are made using the best quality components available, and wrapped in a tough Plyosil braiding to ensure not only do they look great, but theyre guaranteed to last a lifetime!

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  4. Stereo Mini Jack to Dual TT Bantam Aux Splitter Cable. Patchbay Aux Insert, Y-Lead. Sommer Neutrik Switchcraft.
    As low as £34.42

    This unique cable has been designed specifically for plugging portable devices such as phones/tablets/mp3 players in to TT Bantam inputs (patchbays etc...)

    The cable takes the stereo signal from the auxiliary and splits this in to 2x separate mono signals. Made using the highest of quality components so this is a cable you can trust to last a long time!

    Made using Sommer Peacock, Neutrik TT Bantams and Switchcraft Min-Jacks.

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