Belden 1305A Tactical CatSnake Cat 5E Premium UTP Cable. Dante Network Ethernet

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CatSnake® UTP cables offer exceptional audio/video performance, plus they are extremely rugged and flexible for use out of doors, in broadcast truck applications, in studios and for portable, professional audio/video use.

Belden® now offers Brilliance CatSnake Category 5e cables for use in patching Ethernet or digital audio/video formats utilizing Cat 5e-type cable. Because these Category 5e UTP cables are extremely rugged and utilize Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair design, they are able to be used in high traffic areas in a broadcast studio or in any type of tactical, field deployable audio/video installation.

Bonded-Pair Design Means Installable Performance. The consistency of a UTP cable can determine its transmission distance. Physical characteristics, such as the cable's conductor-to-conductor spacing relationship along the full length of the cable, can affect how far a signal can be carried at a given frequency without excessive attenuation due to Return Loss.

CatSnake Bonded-Pair Cat 5e Audio cables maintain their impedance and Return Loss performance when flexed and handled in rugged, harsh environments. Bonded-Pairs are the result of Belden's patented design that bonds the individual insulated conductors together along the full length of the cable. The cable therefore exhibits a uniform conductor-to-conductor spacing relationship along its longitudinal axis that assures consistent impedance characteristics. Nonbonded-pair cables tend to gap during their flexing, coiling and handling — or during normal use. These gaps typically create an impedance mismatch. Belden calls this superior after-installation and in-use performance, Installable Performance; Portable Performance is the term used for portable applications.

Rugged, Portable Performance. To further ensure the ruggedness, portability, survivability and re-useability of these cables, Belden has either a heavy jacket wall version for medium duty applications or an upjacketed version for the harshest heavy-duty environments. To make them flexible, these cables have stranded (7x32) conductors and matte-finished Belflex® jackets. These cables also pass the UL 1581 -40°C Cold Bend test and are RJ-45 and Neutrik EtherCon® compatible.

  • Category 5e
  • 24 AWG Bonded-Pairs Stranded (7x32) BC Conductors
  • Rip Cord
  • Polyolefin Insulation
  • PVC Inner Jacket
  • Matte Black Flexible PVC Outer Jacket. 8mm Overall diameter
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Cable Type Cat 5 & Cat 6
Brand.... Belden
Cable Conductor -
Cable Resistance -
Cable Capacitance -
Cable Screening -
Overall Diameter -
Cable Jacket -
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