Vintage Neutrik Female XLR to Mono Jack lead. Mic / Mixer / DI Cable. NC3FXX

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Unbalanced Female XLR to Male 6.35mm Mono Jack for use where a balanced signal cannot be achieved. For example when connecting a microphone into a DJ Mixer, out of a Di Box and into an amplifier, out of a mixing desk and into an unbalanced power amp input or as interconnects between equipment. Problems can be created using balanced leads in unbalanced situations, this range of cables cures these problems.


These leads are cleverly wired to improve the signal quality when connecting a balanced device such as a microphone to an unbalanced input, such as a DJ mixer.  To do this we use a 2 core and screen cable, and wire the unused pin inside the XLR to the ground inside the jack. Its very simple, and very effective! Should you require any other wiring to suit your requirements, please ask


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The Truth behind Gold and Silver Connectors........

Silver is the better conductor however gold is highly resistant to corrosion so is favoured for its durability.
More Information
Cable Capacitance Capac/Cond./shield per 1m-78pF
Cable Resistance Conductor resistance per 1 km - < 36
Cable Conductor AWG - 20. Inner conductors 28 x 0.15 mm
Cable Screening -
Cable Jacket Jacket, Diameter-PVC + Fabric 6.5mm
Overall Diameter -
Brand.... Sommer
Application.... Studio Grade
Terminated with.... Female XLR to Mono Jack
Metal Type.... Silver Plated
Poles 3 Pole
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