Star-Quad RCA Stereo Pair. Angled Dual Phono. Van Damme Cable. Gold Plated RCAs

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These leads are cleverly wired to minimize noise interference. We have used the world renowned Van Damme Starquad cable with industry standard Switchcraft Gold Plated connectors. These cables look and sound great. All terminations are made with a 4% silver solder.

**Wiring Notes**

These high quality cables are wired to our own specification, with the screen only being connected on one side of the cable. This is clearly marked. The world-wide debate of which side should be left floating is ongoing and will likely never be resolved. So we simply label our cables to show which side the screen is connected. Please experiment with the direction of these leads as this will change from setup to setup and is dictated by the way in which the grounding is arranged. The most common approach to grounding and hum elimination is star grounding. Where the screen is left connected only on one side of each cable in the setup and that the screen-connected side connects to one single device, usually a pre-amp or mixer. This eliminates the risk of loops at any point so will provide you with noise free audio. However this is not always practical so if you experience hum in your system it is worth changing the direction of you unbalanced interconnects (providing they have screens left discounted on one side)

An excellent resource for understanding ground connections in audio cables can be found on the ‘RANE’ website

More Information
Cable Capacitance Core to core pF/m 50 nominal
Cable Resistance Conductor <93 Ohm/Km
Cable Conductor 7 x 0.08mm Bare Silver Plated UPOFC + 32 x 0.08mm Bare UPOFC
Cable Screening -
Cable Jacket Flexible PVC/Neoprene composite / Overall Diamter 6.15mm
Overall Diameter -
Brand.... Van Damme
Application.... Tour & Studio Grade
Terminated with.... Male RCA to Male RCA
Metal Type.... Gold Plated
Core Count.... 2 Way
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