Fractal Audio FAS Replica* Humbuster Lead. Van Damme Cable, Neutrik Jacks.

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This is a quality replica* Humbuster cable for Fractal Audio Systems. This works with all compatible Fractal systems including the Axe-Fx II or FX8. The cable is sent with a blue boot/bushing on the mono jack, this jack is inserted into the amp. The jack with the black boot is inserted into the Fractal device.


Here is what Fractal say about the cable…….


“When used with the specially designed Humbuster™ audio outputs of Fractal Audio Systems products, Humbuster™ cables reduce the hum caused by ground loops. Use a Humbuster Cable whenever possible between the 1/4" outputs of your Axe-Fx II or FX8 and devices like preamps, power amps, guitar amplifiers, etc”.

The Truth behind Gold and Silver Connectors........
Silver is the better conductor however gold is highly resistant to corrosion so is favoured for its durability.
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Cable Capacitance Core to core pF/m 56 nominal
Cable Resistance Conductor Ohm/Km <85
Cable Conductor Bare Silver Plated UPOFC wire; 7 x 0.10mm strands + Bare UPOFC wire; 21 x 0.10mm strands
Cable Screening -
Cable Jacket Flexible PVC/Neoprene composite. Average thickness 1.40mm. Overall diameter 6.5mm
Overall Diameter -
Brand.... Van Damme
Application.... Tour & Studio Grade
Terminated with.... TRS Jack to TRS Jack
Metal Type.... Silver Plated
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