Tascam to Yamaha 25 Pin Dsub Adapter. Male to Female Cable. 50cm. Digi Spec

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Clever cables to interface between the Tascam and Yamaha formats

These cables are cleverly wired to interface between the Tascam and Yamaha formats as both use a different wiring pattern. These cables are suitable for both analogue and digital formats. We have two types available.....


  1. Tascam (m) >>> Yamaha (f)
  2. Yamaha (m) >>> Tascam (f)


On the cable seen here the 'Male Dsub' is wired to plug into a Tascam Input/Output. The 'Female Dsub' has been wired to couple to a Yamaha wired Dsub cable. 


If you are unsure about what this cable does or you need help to work out what exactly you require please do not hesitate to contact us before ordering. 


  • 50cm Length
  • Van Damme black Digi 8 pair multicore cable
  • Suitable for Analogue and Digital connections
  • Precision 25pin Dsubs connectors with a silver metal housing
  • Terminated with a 4% silver solder 
More Information
Cable Capacitance Core to screen 100 pF/m
Cable Resistance Impedance 110 ± 20% Ohms
Cable Conductor 7 x 0.16 mm OFC. 0.14 mm2. AWG 26/7
Cable Screening 24 µm Aluminium/Polyester Foil > 150% coverage
Cable Jacket Flexible PVC composite
Overall Diameter 12.20 mm
Brand.... designacable
Application.... Tour & Studio Grade
Terminated with.... 25Pin dSub to 25 Pin dSub
Metal Type.... Gold Plated
Poles 25 Pole
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