Neutrik XLR Insert Cable. TIP Send. TRS Jack to male and Female XLRs

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An insert lead wired 'TIP SEND'. Sends and returns a signal into the insert point of a mixing desk.

This lead is designed to be used with insert points on mixing desks. Starting from the insert point the signal is carried from the ‘Tip’ of the jack into your device (compressor, effects, etc), then back out of the device using the female XLR and into the mixing desk via the ‘Ring’ of the jack.

The Neutrik Jacks and XLRs are industry standard products with a highly regarded reputation, the cable retention inside the connectors is a unique ‘Chuck Type’ that ratchets itself onto the cable. The transparency and depth of sound that you get with the Sommer Onyx 2025 Twin cable and the durability of the connectors make for an excellent lead.

*****Note that this is NOT a balanced lead, please talk to us to discuss using balanced leads with effects channels.

  • ‘Tip Send’ Tip wired to Male XLR. Ring wired to Female XLR
  • Tour Grade Neutrik NP3X Silver 1/4" TRS Jack
  • 1x) Tour Grade Neutrik NC3MXX Silver Male XLR (Send)
  • 1x) Tour Grade Neutrik NC3FXX Silver Female XLR (Return)
  • Sommer Onyx 2025 twin shotgun cable
  • Cable split at approximately 15cm (can be easily modified)
  • Manufactured using 4% silver solder 


Please see our alternative listings for ‘Ring Send’ options.
More Information
Cable Capacitance Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m - 120 pF
Cable Resistance 1 km - 115 Ohm
Cable Conductor Copper spiral shielding Shielding factor - 90 % No. of inner conductors - 2 x 1 x 0,25 mm2
Cable Screening -
Cable Jacket Jacket, outer dimension PVC - 4,8 x 9,2 mm
Overall Diameter -
Brand.... Sommer
Application.... Tour & Studio Grade
Metal Type.... Silver Plated
Poles 3 Pole
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