Van Damme XKE Microphone Cable. Balanced XLR Mic Wire. Screened Bulk Reel TOUR

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Each cable 2m or longer is supplied with a velcro cable tie. We add on 13cm to allow for the losses once terminated. 'Cut Length' is the total length of each cable. For example if you require 7 x 10m cables then please order.....

[Cut Length = 10m]

[Quantity = 7]

The cables will be supplied coiled and bound with a Velcro cable tie.

Van Damme Classic XKE Microphone Cable

Balanced/Stereo/Microphone Cable

2 Core and Screen, Silver Plated Copper Wire Cores, Copper Wire Screen


Van Damme Classic XKE Microphone is our standard balanced / stereo cable. As well as being elegant the inner cores of this cable are silver plated OFC (oxygen free copper) giving an awesome tonal quality. The thermoplastic outer screen together with the close lapped OFC wire inner screen, ensure excellent noise rejection and durability. This cable is tough, durable and easy to coil, it is the professional cable choice for gigging and touring


2 Core and Screen relates to the amount of carrier signals inside the cable, in this case three. This is a balanced/stereo cable. The 2 cores are the signal carriers and the screen is the ground/shield


Tech Specs


Mechanical specification Conductor

Material Bare silver plated ultra pure oxygen free copper wire.

Stranding 7 x 0.10mm.

Material Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper wire

Stranding 21 x 0.10mm



Material XLPE Cross linked polyethylene

Diameter 1.60mm ±0.10

Colour coding Red, Blue



Type Twisted pair with cotton yarn fillers & paper wrap

Lay length 25mm



Type 80 x 0.10mm close lap spiral bare oxygen free copper wire


Material Flexible PVC/Neoprene composite

Average thickness 1.40mm

Overall diameter 6.35mm ±0.15


Physical properties unaged Jacket (at 60ºC)

Tensile strength >8N/mm2

Elongation >250%

Heat shock test 120 ºC x 1 hour - no cracks

Test voltage 1000 Vdc x 1 minute OK


Electrical characteristics Resistance

Conductor Ohm/Km <85



Ohm/Km <85

Insulation M Ohm/Km >5000



Core to core 56pF/m nominal

Core to screen 105pF/m

More Information
Cable Type Mic / Stereo / Balanced
Brand.... Van Damme
Core Count.... 2 Way
Cable Conductor Material Bare silver plated UPOFC wire; Stranding 7 x 0.10mm. Bare UPOFC wire; stranding 21 x 0.10mm
Cable Resistance Conductor Ohm/Km <85
Cable Capacitance Core to core pF/m 56 nominal
Cable Screening 80 x 0.10mm close lap spiral bare oxygen free copper wire
Overall Diameter 6.35mm ±0.15
Cable Jacket Flexible PVC/Neoprene composite
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