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Van Damme & Neutrik Angled Male XLR to Angled Female XLR Cable


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High quality balanced XLR leads for interconnecting devices such as microphones, mixing desks, home AV systems, sound cards, monitor speakers, amplifiers, DSLR cameras, portable recorders, etc.

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These XLRs can be angled in which ever direction you require. Please specify the angle that you would like the cable setting at by sending us an email after checkout. The image above shows the available options. Please DO NOT leave a message using paypal as it will not be seen. As default the cable will be sent with the cable pointing ‘South’.


These cables are made using the world renowned Van Damme Starquad XKE cable, the next level in balanced cabling. Balanced leads minimise noise interference by using two twisted cores (1 x + & 1 x -). The signals are sent perfectly out of phase with one another and then re-inverted at the destination. The interference collected along the cable length is also then inverted, so put out of phase and made silent. Starquad leads use two cores per signal path (2 x + & 2 x -) all tightly twisted around each other. This increases the surface area of the cable cores and means that noise is induced more evenly down the length. This even induction means that more noise is cancelled when the signals are re-inverted.


The solid die cast metal housing and the chuck type cable strain relief of the silver Neutrik XLR connectors will ensure that the leads will stand the test of time.


An all round great lead with excellent signal transmission.


- Tour Grade Neutrik XLRs; Angled NC3MRX & Angled NC3FRX

- Durable & Flexible Van Damme Starquad XKE cable

- Manufactured using 4% Silver Solder

- What are balanced cables? Find out HERE


The Truth behind Gold and Silver Connectors........
Silver is the better conductor however gold is highly resistant to corrosion so is favoured for its durability.

Additional Information

Prime Link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Van-Damme-Angled-XLR-Lead/dp/B01GPL0BJM/ref=sr_1_35?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1491255200&sr=1-35&keywords=angled%2Bxlr%2Bcable&th=1
Cable Capacitance Core to screen pF/m95 nominal
Cable Resistance <93 ohm
Cable Conductor 7 x 0.08mm Silver Plated UPOFC + 32 x 0.08mm Bare UPOFC
Cable Screening N/A
Cable Jacket Flexible PVC/Neoprene composite / Overall Diamter 6mm
Overall Diameter N/A
Brand.... Van Damme
Application.... Tour & Studio Grade
Terminated with.... Male XLR to Female XLR
Metal Type.... Silver Plated
Poles 3 Pole
Works with.... Male XLR, Female XLR
Special Attribute N/A
Core Count.... No
Wireless System No
Boot Colour N/A
Cable Colour.... N/A

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